Exploder: Pictures of reality...

Musical styleProgressive Metal
Additional info750 copies made, all long sold from the band themselves (they journey Germany in an old van in 1989 and visited all record stores to sell the copies)!!
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


The lucky one's who have heard this epic masterpiece realize what an overlooked jewel it is, and now it is a very tough find! Still somewhat unknown among the main metal masses, so hopefully my review will shed some light. EXPLODER are a 4 piece German band (though not German sounding) who fall very heavily into the epic/majestic realm of true metal glory! As I adore this style, this is just my cup of tea, however they are far from typical, and rank up there among the best names of this genre in my humble opinion. This album is a real treat to listen to, and as yet no CD has been issued. I would compare their sound to other TOP majestic masters, such as MAJESTIC RYTE, MANOWAR, certain MANILLA ROAD songs(this may just be me, they really don't sound much like them, but somehow I heard it hidden somewhere?), DRIFTER (Sui. One's, but without their thrash parts), and bands of that ilk!Especially in the vocal department, Andreas leans more toward this fantasy-glory sound that I love so much! Not that other TOP majestic and epic vocal stylings and bands (STEEL ASSASSIN, TITAN FORCE, WARLORD, BROCAS HELM, LORDS OF THE CRIMSON ALLIANCE, OLIVER MAGNUM…)are not equally great! The key word here being TOP! EXPLODER can be spoken of in the SAME breath as those other 10 bands!(Take a deep breath).
Even my 2 least favorite tracks are great songs! Therefore I will not waste your time reviewing each one. My favorite is >Xenophobia<, clocking in at 8:10 and never losing my attention for even 1 second! A difficult feat that they pull off in spades with this epic masterpiece! Just check out the crunchy rifferama, frenetic basswork, perfectly placed and PITCHED Vocals and master guitar soloing! The 8:10 seems like 4min., see if you disagree, I wish it was longer!! Such smooth time changes,this band has immense talent to boot!! They also have a 10min.(!) song called >Berlin< which held my attention throughout. Yes, with those 2 long time lengths, you really do get your money's worth with only 7 songs. Andreas' voice never cracks a bit, if you have any doubts on this guy's lung capacity. There is a lot of melody incorporated(especially in the last 2 songs, with the final cut being a ballad of sorts), but as a whole they are very powerful in majority of the 1st 5 songs. They have these killer crunch riffs that come out of nowhere, and the guitar solos all RIP! The bassist adds additional rhythm guitar on 3 of the tracks. The inner sleeve has lyrics (not the typical fantasy lyrics you would expect from bands of this genre, but refreshing and positive, my opinion).
O.K., now all that's left is to find someone willing to part with this top shelf MONSTER! Even in Germany it has become very scarce these days (though I am from The U.S. myself,I still realize this fact). If you love majestic/epic metal, but can only find this at a high fetch price, this IS one piece that is truly WORTH the money! Maybe your girl doesn't need that new necklace just yet, cancel that adult website you belong to and pick up this beautiful slab of metal vinyl history instead. Ha,ha,… No, seriously, if you are about to lose the mortgage on your house, I take no responsibility… you should get your priorities straight and not buy this. Otherwise it is WELL worth the investment,as it may even rise in the future,as more people catch on to the beauty and majesty that IS the MIGHTY EXPLODER!!

Eine der seltensten Scheiben aus Deutschland, nur 750 Stück wurden in Eigenreigie gepresst und vertrieben. Musikalisch bewegen sich Exploder im Midtempo-Bereich, gutes Riffing, ein ausdrucksstarker Sänger sowie die druckvolle Produktion runden eine der besten deutschen Underground-Scheiben ab. Höhepunkt ist gleich der Opener "Exploder".

Fear of the cold
King of the sky
Wasted life

Created / updated: 2011-03-11
Mike Gould, Stefan Wille