Dezztroyer: We fight for the big chance

Musical styleHard Rock
Additional infoprobably never came with PS
Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


Hoping for another private early german Metal discovery I came across this utterly obscure piece that I've never seen before. The two "zz" in the band name made me stumbling, as usually it's quite a sure sign of Metal lying in the air.Not in case of DEZZTROYER, who prohably had been active mostly in the Essen area. Stylistically I'd say it's prohably a mix of Hard and especially 70's Kraut Rock with spacy keyboards in the background. The whole Mischmasch makes them sounding like a cross of earliest ACCEPT (in their Rock phase) and a huge portion of eastgerman Hardrockers BERLUC in their early days, that due to the spacy keyboard use might be the best comparision. "Never say no" is a little bit heavier than the A-side and I can clearly hear the use of double bass drums here! However, they just weren't able to write songs of the same epic quality than BERLUC, so therefore this 7" might be mainly interesting for die-hard collectors only.

We fight for the big chance
Never say no

Created / updated: 2014-11-26