Destruction: Inventor of Evil

Label/DistributionCandlelight USA
Musical styleThrash Metal
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Rarity grading
0 out of 6 - Not rare at all!


2 years after "Metal Discharge" have passed and I think this new release "Inventor Of Evil" is one of the most heaviest of albums they have ever released!!! With Schmier on bass/vocals, Mike's guitar onslaught and Marc's killer drum attack tears apart your speakers. Deaf defying Thrash Metal this band has stayed true to their Thrash roots since first banding way back in the early 80's.

This album not only consists of heavy guitar but there is variety Mike breaking out the acoustic plus guest solos/backing vocals by numerous well-known vocalists. But I'd say what stands out most here is the guitar Mike's riffs are catchy not on just "Soul Collector" but this whole album's entirely noteworthy and thick. Very well produced as well each instrument mixed quite well and LOUD as all hell!

Lyrically filled with much emotion (HATE!) in which every song is well written. I'd have to conclude that overall "Inventor Of Evil" IS one of Destruction's best releases to date. These guys are still Thrashing well into their 40's! Plus "Inventor Of Evil" remains as being quite original in terms of the guitar and vocals.

Here are brief summaries of each track:

1. Soul Collector: Fading in comes some seriously heavy distorted guitars backed with killer bass and drums. Sweet vocal effects as well then Schmier's trademark vocals. One of the most memorable
tracks out of the whole album!!!

2. The Defiance Will Remain: Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie! This track isn't the catchiest though a killer chorus I will say.

3. The Alliance Of Hellhoundz: A few guest guitar solo appearances by Harry Wilkens, Ferdy Doernburg and V.O. Pulver. Guest vocals by Biff Byford, Messiah Marcolin, Peavey Wagner, Doro, Mark Osequeda, Shagrath, Paul Di Anno, Peter Tagtgren, Bjorn Speed-Strid and of course Schmier!

4. No Man's Land: Pretty catchy guitar riffs here and great backing vocals! The chorus is sweet nice drum fills!!! Mike's leads include some of his better ones actually. I admire his rhythm guitar though his soloing not his
strongest suit.

5. The Calm Before The Storm: Cool acoustic intro with vocals, drums and calm lead guitar. Soon to follow Mike's distorted guitar licks backed with killer double bass from Marc and memorable vocal frenzy done by Schmier of course. Some catchy riffs here pretty damn killer track!

6. The Chosen Ones: Opening with some heavy guitar plus guest solo and licks by Harry Wilkens. Fast riffs accompanied by Marc's sweet drum output along with sweet backing vocals. Some of the best riffs of the entire song
featured here!

7. Dealer Of Hostility: Awesome intro/main guitar riffing done by Mike! Some cool backing vocals as well. One of the best tracks on here!

8. Under Surveillance: Sweet intro drum rolls by Marc then enter guitars! A slower paced track filled with some cool leads by Mike. The song has some tempo changes sweet licks under the vocals by Mike. The chorus rules!

9. Seeds Of Hate: This track doesn't start off so catchy but then enter some of Harry Wilkens' licks plus his guest solo on this track. Sweet backing vocals as well by Messiah, Inga Pulver, and Andre Grieder.

10. Twist Of Fate: Pretty cool riffs by Mike here not some of the best on the album but nevertheless still good. Sweet ass chorus though! Intense backing vocals also! This song is anything but boring!!!

11. Killing Machine: Now this song simply kicks ass!!! Aggressive,
noteworthy guitar, accompanied by sick drums. Pretty uptempo as well! One of the best tracks on here! Schmier's vocals plus the band backup vox destroys! I'd have to say some of Mike's best thought out riffs here no joke!

12. Memories Of Nothingness: Pretty cool change from the heavy Thrash of previous tracks this song in clean tone format. Sweet melodies and lead great way to end this triumph of a release!!!

1. Soul Collector
2. The Defiance will remain
3. The Alliance of helloundz
4. No mans land
5. The calm before the storm
6. The chosen ones
7. Dealer of Hostility
8. Under surveillance
9. Seeds of hate
10. Twist of fate
11. Killing Machine
12. Memories of Nothingness

Created / updated: 2011-01-17