Death Warrant: Same

Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional infoedition of 500 copies
Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


Not much is known about the DEATH WARRANT. They released their only record back in 1984 on a private label (Antoni Records) in a limited edition of only 500 pieces! That makes the self-titled 12" one of germanys rarest records and that of course also leads to a very high price (if really the record can be found anywhere!). The music DEATH WARRANT deals with is good early german heavy metal with nice melodies and great guitarwork. >Mr. Heroine< is a fine Power Metal track, the other three songs are a bit softer but all have remarkable hooklines and it's not as greasy as songtitles like >Love is in my heart< pretend. The vocals of Wofgang Marquardt are above average and very pleasent. So if you are into european/german metal you should try to get the 12". In any case it will be a unique gem for your collection!

1) Ecstasy
2) Power in the Air

1) Love is in my heart
2) Mr. Heroin

Created / updated: 2011-01-17
Roman Greindl