Confused Addiction: Same

Musical styleCrossover, Thrash Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


Need to confess that I didn't know about the existence of this record earlier nor ever have seen a copy somewhere before so it's prohably a very limited pressing. I'd like to hear some comments of the band members nowadays when they behold those old pics with these stupid clothings that we all used wear at that time! (lol)
Musically CONFUSED ADDICTION used to play a pretty weird mix of Thrash (even Death/Thrash - "Skate or die") and some Hardcore elements combined with more or less punky vocals. No band to compare them with which makes it even harder to praise 'em but that's not really my aim here either. Guess the Crossover fraction are the lucky ones this time to check 'em out. While speeding up I'd mention LUDICHRIST prohably as influence incl. the vox. Their main problem are prohably their attempts to create "proggy" sounds that accompanied almost each song. Not that they weren't able to play that proggy stuff, no they have been very fit on their instruments but proggy Thrash with slightly punky vox? C'mon guys ... does anyone really enjoy that shit? "Skate or die" and especially "Reality" are the best songs (and most straight) on an album, that's hard to recommend for those who care for musical quality, for those who care about rarity only it's a must to buy. Totally obscure pressing! 

Quit war
Skate or die
Waste no time
False ideals

Created / updated: 2011-12-12