Black Dragon: Heavy metal intoxication

Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
5 out of 6 - Almost impossible to find!


Another utterly obscure effort from the vast German metal scene that never gained some fame and remained in the
darkness since its release date! The basic elements here are the raw and harsh vocals that are combined with the
early metal sound of the NWOBHM and make a charming music result. Many songs are over 5 minutes and I
would pick "Atonal attention", "New York city run" as the best of the LP. Very few copies have ever surfaced so
German metal collectors should try hard for this one.

1. Born for Solution
2. Drifting with the Hunter
3. Atonal Attention
4. Strange Kind of Love
5. No Nomination
6. Rocking Movie Star
7. How We Are
8. New York City Run

Created / updated: 2013-07-21
Vaggelis Fotakis