Biest: Crash Trash

Musical styleSpeed Metal, Power Metal
Additional infoRecorded/released in the GDR.
Rarity grading
2 out of 6 - Quite rare!


Biest from the former German Democratic Republic were one of the biggest bands in this small country (next to other wellknown acts such as FORMEL 1, BABYLON, MCB, or PLATTFORM) and one of the very few groups which released their material on vinyl (Amiga). They delivered a great mixture of Heavy/Power and even Thrash Metal, as the titletrack proves. "Crash Trash" is a raw and fast song, pushed to the limit by both the drummer and the vocalist. Since all songs were sung in manly German this little gem may not suit to everyone's taste. With the more epic but yet powerful song "Grab im Moor" you'll get an impression about their musical range. Side-B starts off with "Manne", a great song with nice vocals/lyrics and powerful guitarplaying. The last track - "Motortraum" - fits to the same style as "Manne" and completes this heavy-as-it-gets single perfectly. For those of you who are into German metal or like to collect some obscure stuff this 7" will find it's way to your collection, since it still can be found for around 10-15€.


Still to add the EP was recorded at Jürgen Matkowitz' (guitarist of eastgerman Hard Rockers PRINZIP) studio already in 1987 with the use of a drum computer, so the drummer wasn't really in danger. When the vinyl was finally released, BIEST was already playing a much more modern style than you can hear on the EP itself.



Crash trash
Grab im Moor

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