Betrayer: Whole acceptance

Label/DistributionTurbo Music
Musical styleThrash Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
2 out of 6 - Quite rare!


Turbo Music had something to do with Metal Enterprises Records if I'm not wrong, so therefore everyone should beware but in case of BETRAYER you don't need to be afraid at all. It seems this 12" with the "satanic sandman" on the cover (source: any older Rock Hard Mag) became extremely rare nowadays so maybe a 3 in the rarity grading would have been ok as well, but anyways these 3 guys did surprise us with some fresh and very technical Speed/Thrash Metal whose only negative point are the weaker vocals that reminds me just to bands like TEMPEST (Ger) on their 12". But I learned that outside of Germany most people really got a pretty horrible taste in case of vocalists and do "enjoy" our Metal vocalists alot. However I cannot agree but to each his own. If you like the emotionless "singing" vocalists full of accent then BETRAYER is the right band for you! Musicially there's absolutely nothing to complain this time. This young trio offered some pretty nice ideas and technical variations including many positive breaks besides the thrashing parts without sounding too trendy and will easily convince the oldschool underground Thrashers. For some reasons I feel myself reminded to any italian Thrash bands like OUTRAGE f.e. with a little bit of METALLICA, must be a fault of the vocals maybe, but also stylistically they do sound somehow italian. Alone for the Kult cover you need to buy this one!

Junkey's Rhyme (The ballad of the Jinx)
Whole acceptance
Such is life

Created / updated: 2011-01-17