Berluc: Wie ein Regenbogen

Format7inch, Mini-CD
Musical styleHard Rock
Additional infoAlso released on CD with different tracklist in 1994.
Rarity grading
1 out of 6 - Getting hard to find!


This is a total sweetie from the bands heavier late 80's era with completely new line up compared to the 70's/early 80's albums. The early epic Hard Rock style has slightly moved on to commercial Heavy Rock but the epic influences are still there. Extremely listenable stuff for the softies out there as the compositions are easy to bear but still with an heavy touch and quite great vocals. It takes time to find copies nowadays and the prices are almost up to 15 Euros sometimes which is complete bullshit but 1-5 Euro copies are getting harder and harder to find. For the CD collectors there is a MCD made in 1994 by a western company having the track "Durchgebrannt" instead of "Segeln mit dem Wind", though that track would have fit on the CD as well. I remember that song from the radio, it's from the same session like the other 7" tracks and off the same high quality. Still to mention, all songs have german sung vocals, so the most of you don't need to bear the silly lyrics like us poor Germans ... but all in all it's musically a pretty good 7".

Wie ein Regenbogen
Segeln mit dem Wind
Ganz nah
Nach Haus

Nach Haus
Ganz nah
Wie ein Regenbogen

Created / updated: 2013-01-22