Baghdad: Same

FormatLP, CD
Musical styleHard Rock
Additional info-
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


Don't know why this LP is that rarely seen. Was it really that limited or does everyone keep it like a little treasure? Well, I always thought that the DIZZY BITCH guys are the ones having the most ridiculous names but these guys are hard challengers. Take a look at these beautiful persian princes on the cover and then imagine that they gave themselves names such as Gino La Moon, Kim Ivory, Bobby B. Rashid, Kenny Medina and Rick Palace! The grade of heaviness lies somewhere between BON JOVI in the later mid 80's and perhaps EUROPE, though I think the album would appear much heavier if they wouldn't add all these keyboards and samples (partly even a saxophone) that make them sounding by far too poppy! Without 'em the grade of heaviness would be tending more into the Melodic Metal corner, though "We need somebody to rock" is Heavy Metal even with those watery synth parts. All the other songs are typical Pop Metal/melodic Hard Rock songs with pretty good solos and also ok vocals (Better vocals than most of the german Metal bands could offer!) that could be heard in the radio/hitparades back then and that's exactly what the album was made for I bet. Overproduced is the right term. Any AOR fan can buy this one blindly. The refrains are more than listenable and as mentioned the guitar solos as well. Nothing more to add - sadly lacks of heaviness.

Marakesh Express
Dancing on the moon
Can't stand it
Cheek to cheek
We need somebody to rock
Don't take the night train
I'll keep on waitin'

Created / updated: 2012-11-14