Arrow: Master of evil

FormatCDR, Mini-LP
Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional infoOfficially rereleased on CDR.
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


Much sought-after Mini-LP from Germany. The opener "Slave of Garon Castle" is a real highlight, but unfortunately it's the only one. The other songs are really boring and lack of identity. Like the debut only recommended for die-hard collectors.

A much sought-after piece of vinyl is the '85 "Master Of Evil" 4-track 12" from the crazy Germans ARROW. But you shouldn't only pick this up because of it's value! The music is great, listen to "Slave Of Garon Castle" for instance. A classic track and headbanging mania assured! Recorded in 1984 that particular song balances between early thrash and regular heavy metal. But since they don't play as fast as SODOM, DESTRUCTION, VENOM,… and have more melody reminding of old IRON MAIDEN I'd say the other tracks are plain heavy metal. Quite brutal heavy metal nonetheless, only "Heavy Metal Hero" (dedicated to Bon Scott) is more in the normal vein. The production is like most other heavy bands of that era, quite powerful and that suits ARROW's music well. There's one weird thing about this mini-album, the opening minute from "Built To Destroy" features some yodel-parts from singer Mark, I guess they really got mental during the recording process, haha! Apart from that, great music and a must-have for all maniacs out there. (Valdemar)

Gesuchte Mini aus deutschen Landen. Der Opener ist ein absoluter Ohrwurm, danach geht's bergab. Typisches Mittachtziger-Gegröhle ohne große Klasse. Das Cover ist auch nix, so dass "Master of Evil" nur dem beinharten Sammler wegen des besagten Openers empfohlen sei.

Slave of Garon Castle
Heavy Metal hero
Built to destroy
You don't see my soul

Created / updated: 2011-03-08
Stefan Wille