Argus Pegasus: The one and only

Musical styleHard Rock, Progressive Rock
Additional info-
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


Quite obscure vinyl that not many german Metal collectors know about it's existence. Unfortunately it's the same dilemma like with the LAKE PLACID LP, many Kraut/Prog Rock are hunting for "The one and only" as well so you might be prepared for a long hard financial battle to claim yourself the lucky winner. The fact that BWS Records was prohably just a micro label, sounds even worse and seriously the record definitely not the easiest to grab. If you're living in the Duisburg area you might be more lucky while checking out the local second hand shops and I'm sure you'll soon hold up high your personal trophy. However, what's to expect? If Kraut Rock collectors do want it then it's surely no secret that this record is not Metal. No it isn't but it's mainly Hard Rock with a very good vocalist, whenalso with strong Prog Rock hints. Nevertheless it also has certain epic songs like the phenomenal raw guitar edged "Pegasus" or "Since you've gone away". "Heart beat" among others are typical Hard Rockers, some with more Rock influences others with less. Recommended for the openminded guys only.     

Heart beat
Since you've gone away
Get up, get down
The one and only
Old man in the corner
Push me to the limit

Created / updated: 2014-05-29