Argus: Escape

Musical styleHard Rock, Melodic Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


An highly obscure Melodic Hard Rock/Metal single with a chick on vocals did ARGUS from Munich on the Outlet Records label. Some of you might already know their contribution "Danger" on a better known Compilation LP released on the same label. Why they took an instrumental number (apart of a few spoken words) for that is forever unclear. However, the "Escape" track comes almost in the same style, but sounding not as dark and pounding. It's slightly more melodic and even poppy in certain places. The female vox are in this case highly exciting as Sarah's vocals do have almost a note of male supremacy and she's doing the job almost better than most of their male german concurrents. But no illusions, this 2 tracker is a bitch to find, you might have luck in the Munich area, but for the rest of Germany it's like zero chances! And melodic Heavy Rockers should for sure try their luck.    


Created / updated: 2015-07-26