Adrian: One step into the uncertain

Label/DistributionRrivate Pressing
Musical styleHeavy Metal
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Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


"One Step into the Uncertain" is one of the most wanted German private pressings. Those who are lucky and got their copy will hear typical German Metal, mixing traditional Heavy sound with many speedy parts. The recording lacks a bit of power and is quite hollow, but the songs are really great. "Never again" for example is a mind-blowing speed song. You'll also find two average ballads on the LP. All in all this vinyl certainly is no highlight, but it's worth the price and should not be missing in a German Metal collection.

ADRIAN is a quite good german Heavy/Power Metal Band. Therefore it is surprising that the band couldn't find a label to put out their debut record. There were (and still are) for sure many weaker bands in germany at that time, which seem to got hold ouf a record-deal without any trouble. But ADRIAN was not disheartened due to this problems. They reflected the good german virtue of "do-it-yourself" and finanzed & released their first production on their own (comes with lyrics-sheet). On one track the vocalist Oliver Wende sings: " say you're gonna be a Rock'n'Roll hero / they just laugh at you and call you a dreamer / and that's what you are / but they don't know dreams can come true / if your believe is strong enough...!". Guess their own believe was not strong enough though, because after their pleasent debut nothing more was heard from ADRIAN. And this is not too surprising if an unknown band comes up with such a cover (Metalfan with gun running away from slavering monster-spider) and such a bandname on their debut. Also tracks as the embarrassing greasy ballad >Love Dies< did not really advise them for higher praises. Against this deficits stand some decent smashers as >Reach for the Sun<, >Never again< or the fast and raging >White Death<, that make the record still very rewarding !
(Roman Greindl)

Eine der gesuchtesten deutschen Eigenpressungen ist die LP von Adrian. Sollte man fündig werden, bekommt man recht typischen deutschen Sound zu hören, der zwischen normalem Tempo und Speed wechselt. Die Produktion ist etwas dünn und dumpf, die Songs aber recht gut. Einige starke Gitarrenläufe, zwei Balladen, mit "Never again" ein geiler Speedkracher. Sicherlich kein Highlight, aber Ausfälle sucht man ebenso vergebens. Kurz: kann man kaufen.

Reach the sun
The king is born again
Love dies in a painful way
The white death
Never again
South Africa

Created / updated: 2011-03-08
Roman Greindl, Stefan Wille