Acid: Don't lose your dreams

Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional infoComes with lyric sheet and sticker
Rarity grading
2 out of 6 - Quite rare!


The record's not that easy to get nowadays anymore but when there's a copy offered you can get it for a few Euro easily even though the cover belongs surely to the most ridiculous german Metal covers of all times. But I have to admit for that 1 Euro that I paid I've absolutely no reason to mock. "Don't lose your dreams" starts with "Drivin'" quite heavy with a kinda british influenced German Metal style that's always guided by a melodic background which continues on the whole LP with a bit Maiden-ish guitar style which changes a bit on the Power/Speedster "Up to the neck" that's somehow sounding like Judas Priest's (mid 80's stuff - "Defenders of the faith"/"Ram it down" track) with strong Helloween guitar leads. Guess you all will like that one! After these 2 quality numbers the level get down with the more hard rockin' "All through the night" and "Fire" while again "Draw the line" offers the Judas Priest feeling like a heavier "Breaking the law" theme in the main riffing and superb solo part. On the flipside the title track is the worst on the album, quite poppy but fortunately the Helloween influences return with the melodic Speed smasher "Memories" (the heaviest song on the album) and the slightly slower but still driving "Die by order" while "To the edge of the world" and "Dark voices" are just average pounding Metal trying to catch some attention by the commercial corner. It's surely no mistake when you sacrifice these 5 Euro for the quality Power Metal stuff on "Don't lose your dreams" and the vocalist sounds pretty enjoyable for being a German as well.

Up to the neck
All through the night
Draw the line
Don't lose your dreams
To the edge of the world
Die by order
Dark voices

Created / updated: 2011-01-17