Side Winder: Mother earth

Musical styleHeavy Metal
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0 out of 6 - Not rare at all!


Deep into the eighties this album reminds me on the good times of Heavy Metal. Not only the painted cover-Artwork which could have been directly from 1985, also the music is fine 80s stuff. Remember times when bands like BLASPHEME, SORTILEGE or KILLERS went into the french scene and conquered the country. SIDE WINDER sing in English. In my opinion the only problem, because I prefer the original language, but people who are addicted only to English will like it because of that. If you want to compare it with new french bands I would say it's near LAST PROPHECY. So a good investment for your collection in any way. The production has to be improved next time because its all a bit "underproduced". So maybe you will think it's typical US-underground Metal also because of the high pitched screams of the vocalist, but its still powering french Metal!

sehr guter französischer Metal, der ein bisschen an LAST PROPHECY erinnert, wenngleich mehr US-Einflüsse der alten 80er-Schule zu erkennen sind. Das liegt nicht zuletzt am Sänger, der manchmal in ziemlich hohe Höhen abdriftet. Nichtsdestoweniger ist die CD sehr stark, wenngleich bei der Produktion Abstriche zu machen sind. Die Songs hätten einen besseren Sound durchaus verdient gehabt.

Side Winder
Carry on
Chapter one
Shadows Ghost
Mother earth
On the edge of shame
She is a liar
Heading for venus
The village of the damned

Created / updated: 2011-01-17
Stefan Riermaier