Brah-Mins: Somos Rockeros

Musical styleHard Rock
Additional infocomes with insert
Rarity grading
5 out of 6 - Almost impossible to find!


Yep, the existence of this record seems nearly impossible, but I could luckily put my dirty hands on an original copy which makes me a living witness. Hard Rock from 1984 made in the Dominican Republic? Hell yezz, at least in places. It's a strange kind of Hard Rock with a more rocking edge to be honest but here and there ("Through my brains") they are almost closer to (softer) Metal and especially the solo parts offer basically a little NWOBHM edge with their twin leads and naturally their style mainly connects the late 70's Boogie stuff like heavier STATUS QUO with the early 80's Hard Rock. Of corpse there are few weak suckers included as well, but it's indeed Hard Rock and belongs to every Latin/Obscure/World Metal collection although (and this is the worst point) you'll get surely problems to find another copy. However imo the mostly female vocals do let it prohably sound softer than it could sound like, though their male vocalist can't really raise that level either. The album sound is typically latin/south american, rough production like done with an 8-tracker but giving it that right kick. Unfortunately the vocal chick would fit better to any chart bands although she can indeed sing but she's not a classic Hard Rock/Metal voice if you know what I mean. For the price I got it for, there's no reason to cry since it's prohably the only copy known in Europe but if you're forced to pay more for it, you'd better think twice. It is just rare as fuck and nothing more.   

Somos Rockeros
Back and forth
Straight through the heart
Bye, bye baby bye
Here, there and everywhere
Nino Mimado
Through my brains
Hey, Chica hey
We are Rockers

Created / updated: 2011-12-11