L.A.: Same

FormatLP, CD
Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional infoinsert with lyrics 1.000 copies pressed
Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


After the LP was released the band was picked together with a Swedish band as the Scandinavian entry for the International Yamaha competition in Japan. We never went any further though, and I don't know if some of our songs were released in Japan. BTW the record was recorded in the summer of 1984 - before Maiden's "PowerSlave" was released :-) When the record was finally released in the spring of 1985, the band had already recorded 7-8 demos for the second LP - however Telaeg (Telefunken/AEG) closed their activities in Denmark and we were signed to SkyLight, which bankrupped a few months later. We shopped the recordings around. We're offered some opening slots for major bands thru' overseas people who believed in us. But unable to complete a European record deal there really was no point and finally we disbanded in 1986. After a brief reunion in 1988 doing one demo in a more AOR/hairy kind of metal style the band finally went seperate ways to other projects. Now, 15-20 years on, we are corrently concidering releasing the LP on CD, possibly together with the 1985 demoes which were much better than the LP - productionwise and vocally :-) BTW...The band was formed in 1981. And for the gems: Ronnie Atkins of PRETTY MAIDS was at some point....around 1982...with the band for a few months, but split as The Maids finally took of. We did do some opening shows for them though later on. /.../ ...the record was also released as a tape called "Heavy Rock" featuring a sleeve with a picture of Angus Young!! (Jan Achmann / L.A.)

1) Gates To The Sky
2) Hunted
3) 20th Century
4) Second Dawn
5) Time's Comin' Up

1) Breakdown
2) The Oldest World (part I)
3) Winners'n'Sinners
4) The End

Created / updated: 2012-08-28
Stefan Wille