Anger: Reach for the sky

Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


I wish ANGER on their only vinyl would sound like on their early demo days. If you take a look at the old pic posted at the NU Metal Archives and then compare with the normal looking guys on the backsleeve of the album, then you'll know that it won't be the same sharp steel anymore. Not a bad LP, but more recommended for Melodic Metal fans, a condition caused by the annoying keyboards that are there each and every moment during all tracks and let "Reach for the sky" sound somewhat poppy. More or less the album sounds prohably like CRYSTAL KNIGHT with keyboards. "Feel the fire burning" must be the heaviest song here, fast paced melodic Power Metal like in the good old days, but basically "Reach for the sky" gathers mainly pounding and mid paced Heavy Metal with a touch of EUROPE (due to the keyboards) on "The final countdown" and that was prohably even their aim, although some guitar solos are earcutting and above standard. As I said, not a bad (private) album but a bit too poppy in places.

Nowhere to run
The hard way
How to rock
Feel the fire burning
Strike back
Fatal company
Leave it all behind
Don't be shy

Created / updated: 2012-02-01