Abax: Flashback-The Best of Demos 1989-1994

Musical styleSpeed Metal
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Rarity grading
0 out of 6 - Not rare at all!


The informed Metaller should know this band due to their appearance with "Nocní fantazie" on the "Death Metal Session" Comp-LP back in 1991 but they also had 5 demos that are somewhat hard to find, not even the band itself wants to share them anymore due to the upcoming re-release on other CDR's. This CDR with 6 paged pro-booklet contains a shitload of mixed songs taken from all of their demos and really (I'm not kidding) I had the impression as if it would be a kinda HELLOWEEN album where they are playing "I'm alive" all the time due to the massive Speed Metal attack that ABAX offered. Melodic Speed Metal with some Thrash influences at places, technically perfect executed makes this awesome troop something special in the whole early 90's czech Metal scene and me wanting all of these demos now! Sadly the 2 or 3 added new trax are too modern for my ears, but you can skip them easily. For the rest of the songs on this CD there's just the full power of classic Speed Metal remaining with melodic, higher vocals and lotsa killing riffs! Don't hesitate, get it now and don't forget to grab the coming part(s) as well. What a godly, underrated and forgotten band...

1. Intro 2.38
2. Acheron 5.05
3. Láska a Bolest 4.35
4. Neusínej Sám 5.28
5. Flám s Holkama... 4.12
6. Noční Přízrak 4.57
7. Hledám Dál 4.05
8. Flashback 3.25
9. Konec Slávy 3.13
10. Otrava II 4.11
11. Ukaž Svoji Tvář 4.42
12. Světlo z Temnot 3.12
13. Nechci už Dál Live 5.55
14. Jako Pes 3.31
15. Nejmocnější z Nás 4.48

Created / updated: 2012-08-28