Reencarnacion: Acompaname a la Tumba

Musical styleThrash Metal
Additional infocomes with lyricsheet
Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


Huh...every Colombia Metal fetishist will get sweaty nipples when he behold this little treasure here. Although I will never understand why it's that wanted but at least it offers far better stuff than on their LP. It's fast, loud and dangerous for every ear. The faster parts are's wild brutal Deathrash then but on a low level. Partly it reminds seen by style to Astaroth. Not to compare with most brazilian bands at the same time. The negative point, why the Fleisch Piolin wanted to show everyone that he absolutely can't play guitar? If he would have thrashed the whole songs down it would have been great but with all those slower parts and breaks and even guitar-something (I don't wanna call it solos!!) it's just a big chaos or should I say "progressive" Deathrash? Despite if anybody will tell you how great Reencarnacion sounds like, don't trust him! This is only meant for sick people without any taste for music. Becorpse it's total mayhem and not music...

Reencarnacion (3 Parte)
Un Minuto de Vida y un Siglo de Muerte
Acompaname a la Tumba

Created / updated: 2012-08-28