Inquisition: Anxious death

Musical styleThrash Metal
Additional infoLimited edition of 470 copies
Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


Nowadays a worshipped and also boring as fuck sounding so called cult Black Metal band with monotonous and unessential creations, Inquisition while still living in Colombia once started as Thrash act and they belonged to the best Thrash acts Colombia's ever produced! If you hear Colombia and Thrash Metal your stomach may turn it's content out while thinking automatically about bands like Nemesis, Parabellum or Reencarnacion BUT oh miracle, remember Lluvia Negra? I once wrote Lluvia Negra do sound similar to Inquisition but much straighter thrashing! Yep, that's correct Inquisition did NOT just show brutal energy mixed with nonsense terror, but their biggest interest was buried in the will to compose technical Thrash Metal with maybe the most brilliant guitar work I ever heard of a colombian band. Just to name an example that comes close in music, take Kreator on "Terrible certainty" or "Extreme aggression" and you'll get a picture about the old true Inquisition. The comparison of Kreators music isn't the only equality that connects these bands, but also the vocals of Jason "Dagon" are sounding similar to Mille! The easist stamp to put on "Anxious death" is to call Inquisition the colombian Kreator! If you ever hear "Anxious death" you surely won't believe they're are from Colombia! At least I did not! But listening to these 2 outstanding and long tracks isn't that hard nowadays. Nuclear War Now Prod. already has re-released "Anxious death" together with their "Forever under" Demo 1993 (not that hard to find in Colombia, cassette re-edition made in the late 90's is available as well) that continues the rude Techno Thrash style, on one LP/CD that you can obtain at any place and the only advice I can give is TRY THEM! Inquisition changed their style drastically in the mid 90's to a killer Death Metal sound with south american flair, but then Dagon prohably was running against a tree or whatever. He wimped out and thought it's ultra true to play nonsense Black Metal in the late 90's that if you compare his early above standard guitar riffing with the todays faceless, emotionless and below average compostions with guitar work that must be for sure under his musicial didnity, but however if he loves what he's doing. I bet he's even disgusted by what he's released with Inquisition in the beginning. Who's a disgrace! Btw, this 12" is rarer than gold and out of 4 copies I had in my hands yet it's only mine looking good. The sleeves of all other copies were horribly damaged with bends without end!

Anxious death
Intro: Hacia La Cripta Eterna
Low superioty

Created / updated: 2011-01-17