Agata: Mas Alla

Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional infocomes with insert
Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


The record is stored in one of my shelves for about 15 years I guess and I've prohably played it just about 5 times. The Reason? Well, it's kinda strange in some way. Basically their style mostly totally agrees with the year 1992 because the rough and straight edge of the 80's is sadly missed but on the other hand it's still not that modern sounding for their melodic style of latin Heavy/Power Metal to say it's modern crap. And there's no band to compare this album with, perhaps like a mix of KRAKEN (on the 2 last LP's) with hints of LA FE CIEGA, though the vocals of AGATA are totally different to KRAKEN. And if it's smart to include 2 instrumentals on 1 LP is also another question. The good unproblematic trax are "Earsplittin' banging high" and "Ignorancia", maybe "Placer Y Perdicion" as well, but the others are definitely not my cup of tea at all. And the usual "listen first" advice is a different story when it comes to colombian records as you can purchase them only from private hands. When you see a copy offered and decide to wait till next time it could be well happen that you won't see another copy that soon again since it's shitty (and I do mean really shitty) rare. As mentioned above, melodic latin Power/Heavy Metal was their game but with slightly modern/cheesy edge.

No Quiero
El Ultimo Guardian
Earsplittin' banging high
La Condesa
Suenos Frustrados
Placer Y Perdicion

Created / updated: 2011-12-04