Massacre: Same

Musical styleThrash Metal
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Rarity grading
5 out of 6 - Almost impossible to find!


There are several CD's available now containing the early demos and lotsa live stuff of this once raw thrashing 80's Death Metal band but when I got this LP I couldn't trust my ears and asked myself if this are the same Massacre who released that bunch of brutal demos earlier? After checking the musicianship there was no doubt left that it's one and the same band. There's almost nothing left of the once so uncompromising Thrash at all, just some single hints. Alone "Todos Juntos" is the only pure Power/Thrash track on the whole album. The rest of the songs on this same titled LP are dealing with a kinda spacy experimental Metal with many atmospheric keyboard parts and even kinda poppy orchestral inputs that are sometimes interrupted by the older Thrash tunes. Especially the opener "Tinieblas tras el Tiempo" is one of the worst trax on this album. I don't wanna hide the fact that a track like "Y por Fin la Guerra Termino" has got a special flair and here the atmospheric parts are merging with the Metal to a dark epic instrumental hymn but it's really a lonely exception! The vocals aren't perfect either, a few parts fit together, others are terrible annoying ("Volcan"). To show you a musicial example of what to expect I'd suggest you to mix Rammstein with some 80's Power/Thrash and that's (really) the closest comparison I could tell you, even though I see your faces making big questionmarks now. The record itself is ultra rare and seems to be a private pressing. MA mentions a label but you can turn the sleeve and record, there's no label mentioned except that it was recorded in Santiago de Chile, mastered in Miami and made in the USA. There's also the J.S. Music Store logo/address printed big on the back sleeve which was prohably a kinda sponsor of the record. Except of my own copy that arrived directly from Chile I only know that Rainer of Metaleros Records once had this LP. Don't expect to find a copy that soon in other words. I even think there won't be much people who will like it. I don't like at all...

Tinieblas tras el Tiempo
Temblor del Cielo
Todos Juntos
Los Sobrevivientes
Y por Fin la Guerra Termino

Created / updated: 2011-01-17