Tales Of Medusa: Triumphant Serenade

Musical stylePower Metal
Additional infoLimited to 100 copies
Rarity grading
5 out of 6 - Almost impossible to find!


Quite a mysterium is the band TALES OF MEDUSA. Most people maybe haven't heard of them yet and I only once saw this LP offered for a horrible price due to the fact that only 100 copies has been made by the band itself who also are producing, pressing and shipping their records (as well as all of their other releases) on their own costs to people that are on their mailing list for free! This nothing other means that each time someone if offering you any TALES OF MEDUSA demo, EP or LP he's a bloody rip off and you should remember him that he got this release for free! However, I don't know how they manage to do all this on their own costs and salute them for this more than Metal attitude but guys you see it useless. As soon as certain people smell the easy cash they use every chance to grab those fuckin' buxx.
Musicially TALES OF MEDUSA do combine alot of styles all caressed by a wanted 80's flair but naturally a few "modern" influences can be found here and there too and this mainly in the slower midtempo parts. Hard to imagine how a mix of Doom/Power/Speed and Thrash Metal with supreme progressive and melancholic yet epic tunes may work, but that's really what they did! Mixing every known Metal style with each other on a extremely high technical level with some complex and heavy riffing extraordinary guitar work. The only thing that I don't like are the somehow "dry" sounding but luckily well done, slightly higher sung vocals. I personally defend the position that an echo effect is never wrong, helps to integrate the voice in the whole recording and doesn't let it sounding too separated from the main music which sadly happened in a still acceptable way on "Triumphant serenade". Those into speed dominated flexible skullsmashing Power/Thrash with earth trembling solos should try to get on their mailing list somehow...send them nude pictures of yourself or your girlfriend, mother or even grandma but get on the fuckin' list!

The Gate to Tartarus
Mourning the Fallen
Hymn for the Wandering
Condemnation and the Path to Eternity
Curse of the Shameful Profigate
Legions of Medusa
Dionysian Procession

Created / updated: 2011-01-17