Sin City: same

FormatMini-CD, Mini-LP
Musical styleGlam Rock
Additional infovinyl has neutral cover with only the CD booklet inserted
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


There's a nice story connected with the purchase of this vinyl since the same time when I bought my sealed copy, another one just went at ebay for around 60 $ and I had a bid on it as well but 60 $ seemed way too much for it I thought. However, there's a vinyl edition made with neutral sleeve and a CD edition with full artwork. The vinyl edition has the CD booklet put inside the shrink foil and if it's the real CD booklet then I can tell you you shouldn't expect an inner print as it's just plain white. Also it's not 100 % clear where they came from as there's no info to find on the booklet but since they could be wether from the USA or Canada I guess due to the label's name Elk Records that SIN CITY was a canadian band (my copy was bought in Canada either). Musicwise it's just the usual Glam Metal with sometimes sleazy touch that they offered but reaching also pure Metal territory during the above average guitar solos. "All night long", "Keep on running" and "Piece of the action" do offer pretty listenable typical US Glam stuff like heavier POISON and such groups while the choruses remind me of DEF LEPPARD. The vocalist can sing as well (with slightly higher voice as usual) so the purchase wasn't that bad especially since it's an obscure indie pressing. But beware it's a big difference if you'll throw a 9,99 $ or a 57 $ record into the trash bin and if you're not into Glam Metal then there's absolutely no need for you to buy this record!

All night long
Down to the river
Keep on running
Child of the highway
Piece of the action

Created / updated: 2011-11-28