Ariel: Same

Musical styleMelodic Metal
Additional infoComes with lyric sheet and band bio
Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


Are you tired of all these highly praised crap records that cost you hundreds of $$ but just contain any shit that you wouldn't listen to a second time again? Maybe you should concentrate on the cheap unknown stuff and then you'll probably find a private record like "Ariel". The first time ever I "heard" about this band was by reading the "Headbangers" book where ARIEL are listed too as christian band. It took me about 1 year to find this record and surprise surprise...for less than 20 $ but seriously for the content judging by the "common raries" and their (overrated) prices "Ariel" should cost 100 $. The band pic's hit me hard, the "Blind Beggar factor" once again! If you'd meet their guitarist around your houses corner you surely wouldn't imagine him to play such entertaining and highly emotional but also sharp guitar riffs with twin leads that will burn deep into your ears. Interestingly they had a female (background) vocalist added in the line up who's singing parts of several songs together with their drummer (her husband or brother and lead vocalist), so there are 2 vocalists singing the same time on several tracks which makes the whole even more interesting. You like other White Metal stuff such as DISCIPLE (Oz) or JACOB's WELL or you're Greek and bought too much AOR or 70's Hard Rock LP's recently? Then you need to try ARIEL to believe what's buried unheard in the seemingly endless White Metal jungle, hymnic Melodic Metal to please the lord and his son. For sure one of Canada's best kept secrets. It doesn't always has to be the expensive stuff to adorn your collection...

Take hold
Draw close
Set me on fire
Psalm 139
Prince of life
Fight for your life
Love not the world
The gathering
The second coming

Created / updated: 2011-01-17