Armagedom / Forca Macabra : Tumulo Vago aos Proximos que Irao Morrer por Omissao

Label/DistributionSix Weeks
Musical styleThrash Metal
Additional infoComes with insert.
Rarity grading
2 out of 6 - Quite rare!


ARMAGEDOM started as a classic HC band and released their debut LP "Silencio funebre" in 1986 on a small label but it has nothing much to do with Metal at all (monotonous HC in the vein of early RATOS DE POROA without reaching their level). The whole thing has changed drastically with their part on this Split LP that I found by an accident a few years ago. Their 5 trax are prototypical brazilian Thrash (recorded back in 1989) in the vein of bands like NECROMANCIA or BLASPHEMER who only appeared on the Headthrashers Compilation, a real little sensation compared to the fact that most of the older brazilian bands released mainly "modern" Mosh/Thrash records at that time. So all the speed mongers out there, watch out for this vinyl although FORCA MACABRA is just a typical boring finish HC/Thrash band, but ARMAGEDOM are worth the buxx for sure. Six Weeks Records was an US label so I'd start to search in the US if I were you.

Armagedom (Brazil):
Poison of death
Mensageiros do Final
Abismo da Era Final
Upstand from dust

Forca Macabra (Finland):
O Silencio dos Cadaveres
No Purgatorio da Vida
Estupidos do Metal Infernal
Morte dos Inocentes
Destrucao, Morte e Dor

Created / updated: 2011-02-09