Stratus: Sigueme

Musical styleHard Rock, Heavy Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
5 out of 6 - Almost impossible to find!


One of the most obscure pieces from South America for sure is STRATUS' single. The NWOBHM had even reached their shores it seemes, since STRATUS had adopted several of it's influences and mixed them with their very own south american Hard Rock/Metal sound. Really confusing is that some of their guitar trax do feature half distorted guitars which is imo a big loss here coz basically their material sounds quite heavy, but with an in places ROLLING STONES guitar sound it's hard to label them Heavy Metal. Nevertheless both trax are highly enjoyable and at least during the solos the guitar had the right Metal distortion. Actually the single should come with a PS I think but seriously all the 3 copies I've ever seen for sale did not have a PS at all. However, even without a PS to find this mega rare piece is a task that could take almost a lifetime for most of you. Whenever you see a copy offered (with or without sleeve) you better act as fast as a shark ...

Esto Es Tuyo

Created / updated: 2014-06-08