Metalmorfosis: Metalmorfosis

Label/DistributionDiscos Heriba
Musical stylePower Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


Did anyone ever think about to get a vinyl like this sweet little fukker in his claws? Well, you need a bit more than luck, Metal instinct to be exact. What's the first idea that enters your mind with such kind of bands? Must be a Thrash band or something extreme unable to play their instruments for sure, yeah but METALMORFOSIS from Bolivia are far away from being one of these bands. It's classic Metal, Power Metal, to wake up your greed. And they know how to play that kind of music! They looked like any european band on the pic on the back cover, funny outfits, some make up, rivets but their strike was lethal. "Q.E.P.D." is a midtempo smasher with slightly epic influences. Good solid work so to say, powerfull, heavy riffing and a few choirs at the end. While "Somos de Metal" offers full double bass power, a speedy Power Metal ripper. The vocals are a bit higher but standable, not exactly what I like but it fits to their style. The whole sound on both tracks isn't comparable with our standards but I think that point is clear. It's more like a demo character but who really cares? It's the Metal that matters and METALMORFOSIS breathe the Metal definitively! I would sacrifice my little finger to get such a vinyl. And you guys?

Somos de Metal

Created / updated: 2014-06-10