Virgin: Hey Virgin

Label/DistributionJoe Records
Musical styleHard Rock
Additional info-
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


The VIRGIN 7" is quite an obscure and it seems also pretty unknown piece of early austrian Hard Rock/Metal, furthermore to find a copy seems like to become to a real hard task nowadays. Their sound was nothing but raw with influences taken from the NWOBHM and also Prog Rock. In places a comparison with the heavier BIG DAISY trax or the TRIARCHY parts with keyboards should be accurate, although in points of heavyness, compared to BIG DAISY, the advantage is for sure on the side of VIRGIN. The case of VIRGIN is another proof that the austrian scene had to offer a handful of bands that where predestined for bigger tasks but in the end they just disappeared as quick as they came out of their holes. In the later 80's the quality has turned mostly backwards or the good bands had all been stuck in the demo stage, means unless you wasn't into underground stuff their names didn't leave the austrian border at all. Prog/Hard Rock fans must definitely try this one here! 

Hey Virgin
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Created / updated: 2014-12-14