Excalibur: Excalibur

Musical styleHard Rock
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Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


The Hard Rock/Metal explosion in Austria has mainly caused a couple of vinyl releases in the very early 80's while later in the middle or end of the decade there's just 2 or 3 more records per year by the more or less established bands. But in 1982 there was almost of kinda gold rush in case of early austrian Metal releases. Here's one of these private singles as rare as the godly GYPSY or GIL BRENT vinyls, but sadly not of the same quality. The cover spreads a completely different flair than EXCALIBUR were able to offer in the end. Lamest Hard Rock and a goatawful ballad with out of tune vocals ("Land of fantasy") are everything that they've left us, so take it off from the wantlist because you'll only lose money here even if you only paid 1 Euro. Ignore the cover and trust an old man ... EXCALIBUR had not even half of potential as bands like U8, VIRGIN, GALLOWS POLE/ANGELINA or the aformentioned GYPSY. The single is also known under the title "Sweet little girl".

Sweet little girl
Land of fantasy

Created / updated: 2014-04-19