Vice: Daddy's little Girl

Musical styleHeavy Metal
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4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


Hailing from Brisbane, Vice on this release play straight up primitive garagey 80's style metal. Complete with Motley Crue 'Shout At The Devil' on a budget style band photographs on the back cover, where we can see our brave metal soldiers Dr. Dave, Mick, Rodent & Scott breaking out the makeup & mascara, liquor, money bags & scantily clad metal vixens complementing the cheap sexism of a front cover perfectly primed to have shocked both grannies & premiers alike. Three-pronged cod pieces, fish-net stockings & stripy spandex garb make Vice one of the visual stand outs of the 80's Aussie metal pack, residing alongside the over the top antics of the likes of Axatak, Escape & Tyrant. 4 tracks recorded & mixed in 2 days including a trashy cover of the old Dianna Ross toon 'Stop In The Name Of Love' an unusual choice yes but not the first hard rocking band to bash out this Motown number (US band Talas also recorded a version on their self titled 79 debut). What 80's cult metal collectable could be without song titles like 'Into The Night' & 'Thriller Between The Sheets' which both would have made perfect Kiss 'Animalize' fodder. If you dig other Australian releases like the 1st Taipan, Axatak EP's & Bengal Tigers then you will most likely be wanting to hunt this down for your collection but don't confuse this band with the German AOR or the US trad bands of the same vintage who also both used the Vice moniker. The 'Daddies Little Girl' EP is the first of 3 Vice releases being followed by the 'Take Me Home' EP from 89 & 'Bad Girls' full length in 1990 - completing the legacy of recorded works from these Brissie bangers that kicked around the oz metal underground from 1984-90.

1) Morpheus
2) Stop In The Name Of Love

1) Into The Night
2) Thriller Between The Sheets

Created / updated: 2012-08-16
Dave Harrison