V/A - Thankyou Charles

Musical styleCrossover, Thrash Metal
Additional infoprinted innersleeve
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


Prohably another one of these rare 500 copies Waterfront releases, at least me has never heard about this album before. But alone by this 4 way Split LP's stupid title who the hell should know that there will hide 4 nice Thrashcore acts? I only bought it because of the FESTER FANATICS being featured but I seriously didn't expect them to appear the "weakest" band on this record! Compared to their debut LP their style has changed a bit towards the Punk/Speed Metal direction with huge stilistical MOTÖRHEAD and little LUDICHRIST influence, but absolutely less thrashy than the previous material.
SSDC for my ears are an amazing discovery because they are the most Metal sounding troop amoung the 4 featured bands. Raw brutal Thrash with slightly Crossover edge and nasty vocals let them sound somewhere in the vein of a more Metal appearing THE ACCÜSED on their early LP's.
The bands on the B-side visually do look much more non-Metal, more like Skate/Surf Punks or something and in case of LETHAL OVERDOSE this exactly fits for their rough Crossover style. I think they were heavily early D.R.I. ("Dealing with it" era) influenced or something, fast Thrashcore without compromises with guitars in places almost delivering early primitive Death Metal riffing. 
UNDER THE INFLUENCE from Sydney are less brutal and put more interest in the songwriting it seems. Mainly midpaced almost power/thrashing Crossover with some short Thrash attacks while "Judgement day" sounds almost similar to D.R.I. on "Nursing home Blues" from "Dealing with it" during the solo. Definitely heavy stuff!
All in all a damn great Split with not a single crappy band featured here whenalso the guy who's responsible for the cover "artwork" deserves to be castrated!

Stigmata party
Dress up doll
Free the five

Fester Fanatics:
Youth of today
Skate or die
Go Gothic go

Lethal Overdose:
Ode to a smackie
Lethal Overdose
Son of man

Under The Influence:
You are the victim
Rise and fall
Judgement day

Created / updated: 2012-01-02