Sweet Jayne: Ambiguous girl

Musical styleHard Rock
Additional infoProbably never in PS
Rarity grading
5 out of 6 - Almost impossible to find!


I was recently writing with Chris Scheri and I remember she told me there are lotsa more releases (mainly cassettes) than the well known "Icarus" 7" and to be serious I've never seen anything besides "Icarus" either so Chris you were right! Here's that 7" she told me about! From 1979/80 and if you liked the "Icarus" EP than this baby will find the way to your heart as well. I think it's even slightly heavier plus there are much more songs featured. Stylistically there's no other direction to expect than on "Icarus", female Hard Rock/early Metal with some Flute parts and partly pretty nasty guitars by Chris Bonacci (see "Some people", "Crushed and crazy" or the title track). A highly recommended piece for Aussie Metal collectors, but it sadly belongs to the most obscure and rarest Hard Rock/Metal vinyls from that hot continent. What's interesting, the usual aussie NWOBHM influences are non-existent! Shows more parallels to old very late 70's US bands with a touch a Jethro Tull (due to the flute).

Ambiguous girl
Some people
State of mind
Crushed and crazy

Created / updated: 2013-03-13