Rosanna's Raiders: Calling down the fire

Label/DistributionPure Metal
FormatCD, LP
Musical styleHard Rock
Additional infoOriginal CD is much rarer. Rereleased as Double-CD with "Clothed in fire" and "We are raiders" (Retroactive, 2007).
Rarity grading
2 out of 6 - Quite rare!


Great Hard Rock with a powerful female singer. Imagine Stryper with a female vocalist and you've got the right direction this album takes. Recommended for all white metal, hard rock and female-fronted stuff lovers!

1. We Are Raiders
2. Just Like A River
3. Serve Someone
4. Good News
5. So Far Away
6. Breakaway
7. No Reason
8. Run the Race
9. (Inside) Living Hell
10. Not Gonna Let You Go Again

Created / updated: 2013-05-16
Stefan Wille