Mortal Sin: Mayhemic Destruction

Label/DistributionMega Metal
FormatCD, LP
Musical styleThrash Metal
Additional infoComes with insert Also released by Vertigo (rarity 1) with different cover Also released on CD Also released in Japan (Vertigo Coverartwork) Also released in Colombia (different Backcover)
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


Mortal Sin along with fellow countrymen Allegiance were one of the few extreme Aussie metal acts that managed to step up to the major label league. It all started right here with Mayhemic Destruction - initially a self-financed release put out on the bands very own Mega Metal record label that garnered them with international praise attention. The original (& rarest) version of the LPs cover depicts a metal monster causing (metal) devastation to Australian landmark icons the Sydney Opera House, the Harbor Bridge & Center Point Tower. Featuring just under 35 minutes of early Metallica influenced metal killers direct from the western suburbs of Sydney. The short opening instrumental intro The Curse echoes of Metallica's for Whom the Bell Tolls & is followed by Women In Leather with the pummeling Seek And Destroy styled riffage from guitarist Carwana & Krstin and the Hetfield snarling of vocalist Matt Maurer. Next comes Lebanon which is an example of the band coming into their own, utilizing middle eastern guitar sounds that perfectly complement the subject matter and riffs so catchy they will not fail to induce a head banging state. Closing side A and lulling us into a false sense of security is Liar with a subdued ballad like beginning but as to be expected the pace soon picks up with hell heavy riffs & a great chant style chorus. Side B kicks of in true take no prisoners tradition with Blood, Death, Hatred, a simple but deadly thrash till death affair leading into Mortal Slaughters catchy shout along backing vocal chorus and driving tempo with Maurer showing people who is boss by unleashing a couple of deadly high pitch screams. A doom like riff starts another early Metallica (Ride The Lightning) styled offering Into the Fire, here Maurer's vocal performance excels & is clear and strong. The intensity picks up to finish off with the albums title cut a fusion of doom and gloom with all out brutal Kreator / Sodom thrashing and verging on death metal vocals in places. Considering this was recorded in just 3 days and mixed in 40 hours this is a commendable effort that gave inspiration & hope to many Australian metal bands and fans at the time and sits comfortably along side the international contenders S.O.D., Onslaught, Testament, Anthrax etc. An essential piece of Australian music history & an all time classic thrash metal LP that should be in your collection at all cost.

Einer DER Klassiker des Metal aus den 80er Jahren! "Mayhemic Destruction" ist einer der Meilensteine des Power/Speed, der auf 8 Songs alles, wirklich alles in Schutt und Asche legt, was nicht ausweicht! Angefangen beim genialen Cover, über die an sich schon aussagekräftigen Songtitel bis hin zur hammerharten Produktion passt hier wirklich alles! Ein Killerriff jagt das nächste, die Drums ballern den Hirnschmalz raus, die Refrains bohren sich auch dank der absolut einzigartigen Stimme direkt ins Herz. Diese Scheibe muss man haben! Ende!

1) The Curse
2) Women In Leather
3) Lebanon
4) Liar

1) Blood, Death, Hatred
2) Mortal Slaughter
3) Into The Fire
4) Mayhemic Destruction

Created / updated: 2011-03-16
Dave Harrison, Stefan Wille