Iron Sheiks: Do you fancy me?

Label/DistributionGreasy Pop
Musical styleCrossover
Additional info-
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


It's not their first vinyl output but I don't feel tempted like writing more about the "Do you sell beer here?" MLP than that it contains just a bunch of extremely punky Metal tunes with slightly Motörhead touch. Naturally there wasn't much more to expect when I decided to get "Do you fancy me?" due to my passion for Aussie Metal and HC and "Acid house" pretty much started there where "Do you sell beer here?" stopped and my face got longer and longer but then I saw the light at the end of tunnel when the ragers "N.G.C." first tunes teared the silence! Thrash?? Yeah, it is Thrash! Thraaaash! Must be an exception or so I thought, but "S.M.D." even offered blast beats, raging still more brutal then "N.D.C." did before. Alone "Captain Atlantis" was falling back into the old known punky style at the beginning till again a HC/Thrash attack in the vein of HARTER ATTACK stopped the bluesy opening riff and showed the Sheiks from their ruthless thrashing side again. That entertaining game continues on the B-side as well, Thrash coming from all corners of my room (I've 4 speakers, one in each corner) bombarding my nerves, just interupted by some shorter breaks that let them sounding similar to the 80's M.O.D. stuff or partly TYRANNICIDE but with much better vocals (raw as fuck). You shouldn't ignore this record at all if you like Thrash. Imo it belongs to the best aussie HC/Thrash albums ranking directly behind MASSAPPEAL's "Nobody likes a thinker" and "Thrash till death" of DEPRESSION! What a rage, what a violence shown here, unfortunately it's much to short!!! Incredible merciless stuff!

Acid house
Captain Atlantis
Where's the gold
1000 miles
Satan's mule
Owl green
Tour of duty

Created / updated: 2011-01-17