Hobbs Angel of Death: Same

Label/DistributionSteamHammer (Released in Germany only)
FormatLP, CD
Musical styleThrash Metal
Additional infoInner sleeve Also released on CD (Rarity: 3) & Cassette There also exists a (rare) US Pressing on vinyl on Steam Hammer
Rarity grading
1 out of 6 - Getting hard to find!


Self proclaimed purveyors of pure untainted 'Virgin Metal' Hobbs Angel Of Death helped forge the foundations of Australian extreme metal. Initially released outside of their home country & proudly exploiting the Australian angle to the max. The back cover band member shots are inside the outline of the Australian map & the inner sleeve photo has the band decked with guitars, drumsticks, leather jackets and bullet belts in what looks to be some kind of wildlife sanctuary with kangaroos in the foreground! The brainchild of guitarist / vocalist Peter Hobbs this is sick twisted thrashing brutality from start to finish. Direct comparisons are difficult but musically this hangs in the realm of bastardized Dark Angel / Slayer (Reign In Blood) with added inhuman aggression and intensity thrown into the mix. Clean guitars & melodic lines occasionally rear their head and add dimension to the brutality (Jack The Ripper intro, House of Death midsection & Journey midsection / outro). Well crafted riffs with no intention other than separating your head from your neck and lyrics that espouse tales of evil & Satan (Satan Crusade, Lucifers Domain) & gruesome bloodshed (Jack The Ripper, Crucifixion, Marie Antoniette). Not for wimps, posers or the faint of heart this 'Virgin Metal' is the soundtrack music of defiling graveyards and sacrificing virgins. Thrash fiends will want to jump onto to this dark pummeling ride if they haven't already and worship at the Satanic gore soaked alter of Hobbs Angel Of Death. An absolute scorcher!!

1) Jack The Ripper
2) Crucifixion
3) Brotherhood
4) Journey

1) House Of Death
2) Satans Crusade
3) Lucifers Domain
4) Marie Antoniette

Created / updated: 2012-08-16
Dave Harrison