Four Horsemen: World to end all wars

Musical styleHard Rock
Additional info-
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


The aussie Metal collector immediately knows the label Sundown Records is responsible for the cruel STOKER stuff! It seems their interest was based on Hard Rock bands? The FOUR HORSEMEN are Hard Rockers too, the record is pretty unknown as they do not look like Metalheads or Hard Rockers (short hair). The only way to find out more about them was to buy this 7" and there's no bigger reason for remorse as it was quite cheap. The title track is fuckin heavy Hard Rock with pretty good beat and little Boogie edge like HEAVEN, TRANS AM or such bands. The B-side naturally is weaker, has that Pub Hard Rock flair too, but compared to "World to end all wars" it's more R'n'R based. If you don't have to pay more than 5 $ it's surely nice to complete your aussie Metal/Hard Rock collection because it's a very obscure piece.

World to end all wars
Perfect sound

Created / updated: 2011-03-03