Enticer: Reaper of the Earth

Label/DistributionDeth Klown Records
Musical stylePower Metal
Additional infonever in PS
Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


Oh boys, how long did I want this EP...how many nights did I spend desperately crying in my bed...
Enticer came from Sydney and how it seems the EP was released by the band itself.
I've never seen it with a regular picture sleeve - only some blue sleeve protects the vinyl.
Musically you can peg them in the Power/Thrash corner while "Reaper of the earth" totally reminds me to the Texas band Militia, just a little more powerful. Yes I know, Militia were unique, especially because of Mike Soliz' high pitched vocals, but go and listen it for yourself..even the vocals reminds to Militia...I can't get rid of the feeling...totally Power Speed Metal...
"Dying Aged" follows the path that "Reaper of the earth" chose. I just don't like those high vocals that much but musically both tracks are Power Metal ripper! Any time later Dave DeFrancesco joined Mortal Sin and was found on their crappy "Every dog has it's day" LP. It would have been better when he’d continue with Enticer...

Reaper of the Earth
Dying Aged

Created / updated: 2011-01-17