Dogs Next Door: Same

Musical styleGlam Rock, Hard Rock
Additional info-
Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


Here's another record that I haven't ever heard about before nor it seems that Aussie Metal specialists didn't either as you won't find it mentioned in the Aussie Metal Guide book. And searching in the www won't lead to success either as you'll just come across a short mention of the bands name to be part of the local Brisbane scene in the 80's. It could be well be that we have here another obscure micro pressing or something. But however, for Metal fans it's rather not of interest as the DOGS NEXT DOOR must be considered an archtypical LA Rock band (Cock Rock, Sleaze/Glam Metal or whatever) in the vein of mid 80's MÖTLEY CRÜE and other bands of the same caliber, whenalso some of the trax aren't even bad. The majority is sadly just not heavy enough. Heavier stuff concurates with partly girlish sleazy Rock tunes so that everyone who does not collect Aussie or Glam/Sleaze records better does not put his hands on this LP, eventhough it surely won't be an expensive affair ...

Dollar down
Lies from you
Mr. Greed
Playin' this game
Just beginning
Just begun
Way of life
Within this land

Created / updated: 2013-01-01