Depression: Big Brother

Musical styleThrash Metal
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Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


Dammit, I wish I could find a list with all releases that Cleopatra Records ever did back in the 80's...through an stupid accident I found this 7" of one of Australia's leading HC/Thrash forces named DEPRESSION released by the mysterious Cleopatra Records label back in 1986. Jaja, "HC?" you may think, but read on, DEPRESSION isn't just HC like you're used to know, it's HC/Thrash, a violent unique force of destruction that ever came from Down Unda. All 3 tracks were recorded at vocalist/guitarist Smeer's Hardcore House like all of the bands releases and boys, no studio ever would be able to create such an underground sound. It's loud, raw and devastating, combined with Smeer's unique vokillz one of the most lethal Crossover viruses from OZ. "Big Brother" and "Du Press Shun" are heavy riffing midtempo tracks that even offering double bass drum attaxx while "Have a look" reveals their full power, the murderous speed! When Smeer's rude and nasty vokillz wouldn't be there, I could label that track as pure Thrash Metal. A violent hammer of mercy! The band even used lead guitars and double bass drums that you won't find at pure Punk/HC bands at all. To compare them with any other band I would say take Agnostic Front but with far better vokillz...give DEPRESSION a chance!

Big Brother
Du Press Shun
Have a look

Created / updated: 2011-01-17