Black Jack: Five Pieces o' Eight

Label/DistributionMetal for Melbourne
Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional infoInsert.
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


With a pirate themed cover one might mistake Black Jack for being a German Running Wild upstart but not to fear this is a MLP with a unique Australian flavor that predates the German metal pirates by a few years. The track "Hot Rocket" appears similar in intent to Manowars road warrior opus Warlord although differs in execution being stamped with an unmistakable Aussie vocal accent most noticeable in the voice over. "Prelude #3" is an instrumental piece, a hefty chunk devoted to unaccompanied bare to the bones guitar shred. "Man At Arms" is a near 7 minute rape and pillage doom laden dirge of raw heavy metal power & grit, underpinned by a tight rhythm section. "The Wizard" throws out a Ronnie James Dio era Rainbow themed horns up metal salute that's awash in high hat, sold metal riffing, bass guitar break and Rhandy Rhoads styled soloing complementing the dramatic vocal performance of John Giles. The only vinyl output released by this very individual Australian band that in many respects were ahead of their time.

1) Introduction
2) Highwayman's Inn
3) Hot Rocket
4) Prelude #3
5) Man At Arms
6) The Wizard

Created / updated: 2012-09-02
Dave Harrison