Black Alice: Endangered Species

Label/DistributionStreet Tunes
Musical styleHard Rock
Additional infoInsert with lyrics.
Rarity grading
1 out of 6 - Getting hard to find!


Hailing from Perth Western Australia this is traditional style metal / hard rock. The album was recorded and released overseas before being made available in Australia. The LP comes in two variations one released on the Street Tunes label which has photos on the back cover of all band members and a version released on the RCA label with slightly altered front cover & and a close up head shot of lead singer covered in grime on the back. The RCA version of the album has been remixed with a punchier sound. Featuring some nice guitar work & melodies from Jamie Page (TRILOGY / BLACK STEEL) the powerful vocals of Rob Hartley are in the raspy Brian Johnson mould. Metal fans will enjoy "Wings Of Leather, Wings Of Steel", "In The Hall Of The Ancient Kings" & the excellent hard rocker "No Warning" which was also released as a 12' 4 track EP. The band effectively ceased to be shortly after the release of this album, but was revived virtually in name only to provide the soundtrack for the film Sons of Steel in which Hartley starred.

1) Wings Of Leather, Wings Of Steel
2) Psycho
3) Hell Has No Fury Like Rock'n Roll
4) Blade Of Slaughter
5) In The Hall Of The Ancient Kings

1) Roll The Dice
2) Running Hot, Running Wild
3) Rat-Catchers Eyes
4) Power Crazy
5) No Warning

Created / updated: 2012-08-16
Dave Harrison