Arm The Insane/Grunter: Ending times of change/Do it!

Musical styleCrossover
Additional infoComes with lyric sheet
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


If you already know Melbourne's ARM THE INSANE's earlier vinyls (LP and 7") then you'll be satisfied to hear that their early mid 80's punky HC sound has reached Metal regions on this Split LP. I didn't like the early stuff that much, musicially surely listenable but sadly the vocals completely fucked it up. On this vinyl their style became much more technical like a strange cross of Power Metal and melodic Thrash with little Punk edge but seriously they do sound much too technical to be labelled Punk anymore. Unfortunately I can't recall any band to compare them with. If you like weird Thrash connected stuff then you'll surely like 'em, it's Metal imo. The other band GRUNTER from Adelaide are way easier to explain because right when they start there's just one band coming to my mind and it's LUDICHRIST. They used to play the same weird cross of all possible styles, some Thrash, Blues, HC, Grind just like the aforementioned LUDICHRIST...though while thrashing hard they do sound the most listenable in my ears, partly pretty extreme shit. The record is quite rare but you can easily get a copy for less than 20 $ if any surfaces. It's not that known...

Winner lost
Doctor Death
Acid airways
I forget
Money man
Do it!
Fool's paradise
Bags of war
Non-conformist attitude
Strange place

Created / updated: 2012-08-16