Aragon: Don't bring the rain

FormatLP, CD
Musical styleHard Rock, Progressive Rock
Additional infoComes with insert. Also released as CD (rarity 2) with bonustracks.
Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


The Aussie Metal Guide says about them: "Aragon played big, progressive Metal/Rock in the manner of early Yes." Hm...I agree about the Progressive Rock in the manner of Yes, but where the hell is the Metal??? Does 1 min doublebass drums in "The cradle" already allow them to be called Metal influenced? Well, with "For your eyes" the privately produced LP starts quite brisky, but Metal?? More a sort of proggy Rock with several Hard Rock INFLUENCES (I did not say they play Hard Rock!) with dismal atmosphere due to a major synth/keyboard entry that seriously made them sound in my ears at places similar to the proggy non Metal parts of Marquis de Sade's "Somewhere up in the mountain" with a vocalist that could be a little brother of Feargal Sharkey (no, I'm not nuts)! The only thing that makes them Metal is the band's logo and the gloomy seeming cover artwork. No, wait, I forgot "The crucifixion", an almost poppy starting extremely long lasting track that mutates during the second part into proggy hard rockin' Metal but just for about 2 minutes to immediately merge into the 3rd part which is just gloomy dark and the following solo part made me thinking of Marquis de Sade who used the similar synth type! That track is awesome/outstanding both in a way, if you like Prog Rock. Well, I sadly do not at all, so this record is nothing that I'll ever like even though I searched since many years for this rare album (since I got the very first edition of the Aussie Metal Guide - 3 editions available) and even in Australia it's more than difficult to grab a copy. The band was based in the Melbourne area if that helps you in any way. But as I mentioned be prepared for the ultimate Prog Rock attack! There's (almost) no Metal included at all... anyways, not a bad album though!

Die erste Aragon Scheibe ist ein Paradebeispiel für den Neo-Prog-Rock der 80er Jahre. Wer die Anfangsphase von Marillion (Script..1983 & Fugazi 1984) nicht mag, wird auch Aragon nicht mögen. Das knapp 16-minütige "The crucifixion" ist meiner Meinung nach eines der besten und abwechslungsreichsten Stücke Prog-Rock, die je geschrieben wurde !!! (Andre Rostek)

For your eyes
The cradle
The crucifixion
For your eyes (Reprise)

Tracklist CD:
1. For Your Eyes 4.44
2. Company Of Wolves 9.22
2.1. Under The Hunters Moon (Instr.) 3.29
2.2. In Company Of Wolves 5.53
3. The Cradle 5.31
4. Solstice 3.40
5. Cry Out 5.33
6. Gabrielle 3.30
7. The Crucifixion 15.39
8. For Your Eyes (Reprise) 1.14
Total Playing Time: 49:13

Created / updated: 2012-08-16