Almost Human: Hold On

Musical styleMelodic Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


A nice obscure piece of vinyl released by the band itself that’s the only output that Almost Human had to offer back then. Based in Adelaide those 5 musicians were not 100% sure what kind of Metal they should play. The title track offers a kinda melodic heavy rocker with traces of AOR. Without any doubt "Shadows of fear" is the best track on this EP. More Metal than the other 2 rocker and I would say they should have had continued that way. NWOBHM style Heavy Metal..."Death warmed up" shows more Hard Rock it's impossible to say what kind of Metal they played in the end. But despite of all that, the NWOBHM feeling never gets lost. Maybe a sickness of the aussie bands...but there’s one thing that connects all 3 songs, the guitar solos are great...makes me want more tracks like "Shadows of fear"!

Hold on
Shadows of fear
Death warmed up

Created / updated: 2011-01-17