Asparez: Anathema

Musical styleHeavy Metal
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Rarity grading
5 out of 6 - Almost impossible to find!


Not 4, 5, 6 or even 7 musicians are playing on this album, no, it are 8!! The release of this vinyl appears as mystical as the debut of KATEDRA, prohably the Melodija label tried to issue some non-russian bands and these records are a bitch to find nowadays. I bet they've pressed just the minimum quantity and all records were spread in these special sovjet republic's. Otherwise I can't explain that almost no collector owns "Anathema" outside of Russia. And I know there are quite a few that could afford it financially if it would be just a question of the price. But back to topic, all the tracks are sung in armenian and it might be sad for the band/album, but it's a shame that just a few ears are able to hear these songs, because "Anathema" belongs easily to the best 80's albums that the USSR has ever released. Already recorded back in 1988 ASPAREZ appear musically like a mix of russians bands such as MAGNIT (especially the speedy opener) and late 80's ARIA with equally good vocalist and I would say outstanding solo guitarist(s) who appears to me like the guitar teacher of Yngwie Malmsteen. I can promise that you've not heard many of that kind of solos yet. Apart of 3 weaker trax the standard program ranges from speedy to mainly pounding song material, partly accompanied by massive keyboard parts, with in places epic hints, especially on the strongly off early KATEDRA reminding mystic doom hammer "Black garden"! All in all a must to have and truly a top 10 sovjet Metal LP! You won't find much albums like "Anathema" there.

Fire & Metal
Crazy age
Tell me
White as black
Untruthful game
Black garden

Created / updated: 2013-12-09