Matt Preston

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Have mostly done warehouse work.

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Describe your way to Heavy Metal:

In the mid-'80s as a young kid I listened to some hard rock records that my dad gave me like Jethro Tull 'Aqualung' and Boston 'Self-Titled' and was very fascinated with the music and cover art. These albums were sold at a garage sale around 1990 and for a while I didn't listen to music on my own. Then in 1995 when I was 12/13, I began listening to the radio and liking the 'harder' songs, and got an electric guitar. A guy that was on my soccer team and in some of my 6th grade classes that wore Metallica shirts every day and I got to talking, and it turned out that he played drums, so we got together and jammed one day. He introduced me to Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer and I was immediately hooked to that amazing sound. I then began exploring heavy bands on my own, though resources were limited (I didn't use the Internet and neither did any of my friends, and we didn't know ANYBODY else in town that liked metal - plus I was usually broke!) I'd pretty much just take chances on what looked cool in local music shops when I did have enough money for a CD or tape for those first few years.

How and when did you become a collector?

1995-1998 was spent collecting 'metal basics' on CD and tape locally. In 1999 I began ordering online from places like Century Media and and in 2000 I began ordering records from all over the world and trading demo, rehearsal and live dubs of very obscure old school metal bands with people through snail mail - taking exploration of the deep underground very seriously by this point.

What kind of stuff do you collect?

Vinyl, CDs, tapes and vintage t-shirts. Vinyl is my favorite format because the cover art is not as compact, the sound is usually really full and great comparatively, and it is the format that I was introduced to music on.

Which styles do you collect?

Mainly '80s Traditional Heavy Metal, Thrash/Speed, NWOBHM, and basically original-sounding bands with a special energy behind what they play and, if possible, innovative and interesting guitar-work. I like a lot of '70s prog and hard rock also.

How big is your collection?

I've reduced my collection significantly in the past few years. During tough financial times I've sold many 2nd and 3rd tier albums (always holding on to the greats!) Lately, rather than moving forward in collecting at the dogged pace that I'd set for years, I've been spending my time enjoying a core set of albums and demos that I know to stand out from the many mediocre and generic ones (a little over 1,000, 90% 'metal'). At my collection's peak size-wise, there must have been around 7,000 LPs, CDs, tapes and CD-R's.

Where do you buy?

purchased a lot of records from, eBay and at several online shops that I've run into in web searching for specific titles.

Your favourite records (by heart or value):

It is very tough to pinpoint just a few, but here are some records that I'm very glad to own (not only monetary value taken into consideration here). Also, I had to list more than 10! (all original pressings):
Traitors Gate 'Devil Takes the High Road'
Mercyful Fate 'Don't Break the Oath,' 'Melissa' and 'Nuns Have No Fun'
King Diamond 'Abigail'
Defender 'City Ad Mortis'
Crimson Glory 'Transcendence'
Iron Maiden - all '80s LPs
Dark Age 'Self-Titled'
Fates Warning 'Night on Brocken' (burning witch cover) and 'The Spectre Within'
Exodus 'Bonded By Blood'
Gotham City 'The Unknown' (signed)
Hallows Eve 'Tales of Terror'
Stormwitch 'Walpurgis Night'
Helstar 'Nosferatu'
Incubus (uk) 'To the Devil a Daughter'
Mindless Sinner 'Master of Evil'
Witch-Hammer '1487'
Nasty Savage 'Self-Titled'
Riot 'Thundersteel'
S.A. Slayer 'Go For the Throat'
Sadus 'Swallowed In Black'
Satan 'Court In the Act'
Wizz 'Crazy Games'

Any famous last words?

Anyone that genuinely loves heavy metal and wants to chat about it or perhaps even trade, feel free to e-mail me. I know that good metal is all over the Internet and easily accessible at this point and that the interest in it has seemed to explode over the past few years, but I still really enjoy connecting with those who are in it for the right reasons and like to share some of their awesome discoveries, etc. For anyone who wants to check out some of the bands that I've played in, I posted material on YouTube (user name Thunderland1982) and for info on my current active band: